Passage Contract

The attention of the passengers is drawn to the general conditions of transportation set out in the Passage Contract. The passenger’s acceptance of that ticket constitutes acknowledgment and agreement of these terms and conditions. Particular attention should be drawn to the provisions on Carrier's responsibility.

Reservations and Deposit

Reservations shall be deemed to have been accepted on behalf of the Carrier only upon receipt by the Carrier of a deposit, payable by the passenger within 7 days from the day of booking of the relevant cruise. No reservation shall be considered as confirmed until the said deposit is received. Furthermore for the booking to be concluded, the full passage fare shall need to be paid to the Carrier not later than 60 days prior to departure, failure of payment of which as aforesaid shall constitute cancellation of the relevant reservation. The Carrier shall maintain the right to resell reserved Cabins if deposits/payments are not received within the time periods specified herein.

Cruise Cancellation or Alteration of Itinerary

The Carrier reserves the right to cancel any cruise, with or without notice, in which case the passage money will be refunded. The Carrier also reserves the right, to alter the itinerary of any cruise, if for any reason, this becomes necessary or desirable. Additionally, the Carrier may, for she same reasons, substitute another vessel trading under the Celestyal Cruise Lines name, for the scheduled vessel. In both above cases, no moneys shall be refunded to the passenger unless justified by the type of new accommodation offered. The Carrier also reserves the right to change or alter the sequence of ports or stops on land tours. Cruise arrival and departure times are set out herein as a guideline only, it being not guaranteed that they will be adhered to.

Passenger Cancellation and Refunds

Cancellation of sold space for individual bookings will be subject to the following cancellation penalties (cancellation policy applies on the cruise fare only):

  • 90 days or more prior to sailing: No charge/ Full Refund
  • 89 - 30 days: Loss of deposit amount
  • 29 days or less: No refund except for port and service charges

Cruise Fares

Cruise fare means the amount payable to the Carrier for the cruise. It covers the cruise accommodation from the point of embarkation plus all scheduled meals and entertainment while on board. Shore excursions, gratuities and personal expenditures such as laundry, beverages, medical expenses, expenditures incurred on shore and other personal items are not included.

Children's Cruise Fare

Regarding the Aquamarine and Sapphire cruise pro9rams, children 12 to 17 years old) occupying a berth in the same cabin (3-or 4-berth cabinl with two adults, will be free of charge; they will be charged only the port charges. Regarding the Calypso and Perla cruise programs, children (2 tolo years old) occupying a berth in the same cabin (3- or 4- berth cabin) with two adults, will pay the 3rd/4tb child’s rate. Infants under the age of two years occupying a cabin with two adults travel free Ithey are charged only the port charges). Both adult passengers in that cabin will pay the full, per person cabin fare. All passengers pay port service fees. Children (3 to l2 years of age) will receive a reduced rate on shore excursions.

Third/Fourth Person Cruise fare

When a third or fourth passenger occupies the upper berth(s) in a double stateroom or a sofa bed in a suite or double stateroom, the third/fourth person pays the applicable fare noted.

Single Cruise Fare

When available, the fare for the exclusive occupancy of a cabin bears an extra charge of 50% of the adult fare rate per person for all categories, except the suite cabins, which are subject to an extra charge of 100% of the adult fare rate. However, the Carrier reserves the right to decline sale of accommodation for less than full passenger capacity of such accommodation. When possible, every effort will be made to find a cabin-mate of the same sex, although compatibility cannot be guaranteed. If the Carrier fails to find a cabin-mate, the passenger will pay only the per person double occupancy rate for the cabin.

Port Charges/Embarkation and Disembarkation Charges

Port charges include taxes, charges and fees assessed by and paid to governmental or quasi-governmental agencies, related to the ship entering, leaving, docking, anchoring and/or remaining in port. If governmental action results in any increase of port charges or taxes exceeding the estimates used in preparing this brochure, the Carrier reserves the right to increase the relevant fare by such extra amount(s(. In such case the passenger shall not be entitled to cancel the cruise on the grounds of such further charge. Port charges and taxes are not subject to discount. Taxes assessed by Port Authorities are for the account of the passenger and are payable in full immediately. Passengers joining or leaving the cruise in any port other than the scheduled embarkation and/or disembarkation port may be subject to additional charges imposed by the local authorities.

Liability and Insurance

It is recommended that passengers consider purchasing cancellation/interruption and baggage insurance. Passengers may consult with their travel agent in this respect. The conveyance of passengers, baggage and personal property is subject to the terms and conditions of the passage contract. The Carrier’s liability with respect to lost, damaged or mifdelivered luggage and personal effects is strictly limited. By accepting the passage contract the passenger agrees to the terms and conditions mentioned therein.


Pregnant passengers must submit at the time of embarkation a statement from their physician that they may travel. Passengers who have passed the 6th month of their pregnancy may be refused embarkation.

Physical Disability

Any physical disability that may require attention or treatment must be reported when reservation is requested. Passage may be refused to those whose state of health or physical condition renders them, in the carrier’s opinion, unfit to travel or to those whose condition may constitute a danger to themselves or to other passengers. It should be stressed that the care, supervision and other special requirements of persons with a physical disability shall remain at the responsibility of their escorts and the Carrier shall not bear any increased liability because of their condition.


Sapphire is of Marshall Islands Registry and Aquamarine, Perla and Calypso are of European Union Registries and all vessels are in compliance with all applicable international regulations.


Fares and prices quoted herein are those in effect at the time of printing of this brochure and are based on the cost of fuel, exchange rates and other factors prevailing at the relevant time. The Carrier reserves the right to alter same, mainly, without limitation, in case there is an increase in the market price of fuel, or in case of fluctuation of exchange rates which may take effect during the period from the printing of this brochure until the commencement of the cruise and/or embarkation of the passenger and/or the time of receipt of the cruise fare by the Carrier, whichever the later. All arrangements for ship transportation are made by the Celestyal Cruise Lines agents in various countries. Payment of the deposit or any partial or full payment for a reservation constitutes consent to all provisons set out herein, The Carrier’s responsibility does not extend beyond the vessel; all arrangements made by or concerning the passengers when same disembark the vessel, are at their own risk. The Carrier neither controls nor is responsible for the actions or omissions of independent contractors such as airlines, railroad companies, tour operators, local tourist agents, tender launch boat operators, ground transporters etc. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary contained herein, any action against the Carrier must be brought before the High Court of Justice of London, England, to the jurisdiction of which the passengers submit themselves.

Ticket Terms and Conditions

Passengers attention is drawn to the general terms and conditions of transportation set out in the passage contract. The contract between the Carrier and the passenger is governed by the terms and set out in the ticket. The terms set out in the ticket are available at Celestyal Hellenic Cruises Ltd. head offices, at 5-7 Kanari Str., 185 37 Piraeus, Greece as well as at any office authorized to issue tickets of the Carrier. Attention is particularly drawn to the provisions on Carrier’s responsibility. (If you are booking from US please make sure you look at the US passage contract. If you are booking from Europe please make sure you are looking at the European passage contract). The passenger's acceptance of the ticket constitutes agreement to its terms and conditions.