The Spectacular Rocks and the ‘Hanging’ Monasteries

The Spectacular Rocks and the ‘Hanging’ Monasteries


Without question this is one of our most spectacular excursions to a place that almost seems an impossibility and defies logic.

We guarantee this will take your breath away.

Meteora near Kalambaka in Central Greece is a complex of steep and high ancient rock pillars, sweeping 400 metres into the sky and with famous Eastern Orthodox monasteries perched at their summit.

There are six of the original monasteries still open to visitors including the Monastery of the Holy Trinity.

They have been listed as a World Heritage Site since 1988 and if you need a reference point from popular culture, the climax of the James Bond movie For Your Eyes Only was filmed here.

It was also used as a backdrop in Game of Thrones, but digitally mastered as it could not be officially used on location because of its protected status.

Meteora literally means ‘suspended in the air.’

The monastic complex is the second most important in Greece after Mt Athos.

The monasteries have been restored and are decorated with exquisite frescoes.

As well as the Holy Trinity there are the Monasteries of Roussanou, Varlaam and Anapausas, the Convent of Stephen and the Monastery of the Transfiguration of Jesus, known also as the Great Meteoron.

And unlike 007 you will not need grappling hooks to reach the summit on your trip. Just take the steps.