Drink and Eat Like a Local

Drink and Eat Like a Local


This is quite something of a gastronomic outing.

The locals might be a little unhappy if a visitor tried the ‘tripouradiko’ atmosphere (a very particular Volos taverna experience) and did not enjoy the ritual of tasting of the alcoholic drink tsipouro accompanied by a rather special seafood meze including octopus and lobster.

The history of this tradition in Volos dates back to the 1920s when a few cafes and shops served tsipouro for the first time.

The famous 25ari is a bottle of tsipouro equivalent to a small glass and each bottle consumed required the accompaniment of a different snack. Each customer orders a 25ari until he or she can’t take any more!

(For those not familiar with it, tsipouro is a quintessential Greek spirit on a par with ouzo. Grapes left over from wine pressing are distilled. And it’s rather potent at 45 per cent proof.)

And this ritual remains to this day. It is a tradition apparently brought from Asia Minor by Greek refugees.

Join us and discover this rather unique experience. It’s a real piece of Volos tradition - or indeed a swig of it!