Samos Shore Excursions 2021

samos shore excursions

Code: SAM - 01

Approx Duration: 4 hrs

Samos – Pythagoras island and its diverse beauty (SAM - 01), Half day

Samos the land of Pythagoras, Epicurus, Aristarchus and possibly Aesop, is in full bloom. Its fertile soil gives birth to the world renowned Muscat variety of wine. These two elements of nature, earth and water, are in complete control on this island, which is the 8th largest of Greece. You will have so much to see and do!

Starting out on a coach, with an experienced tour guide, from Vathy you will shortly arrive at the Samos Wine Museum. It was inaugurated in the summer of 2005 and both its exhibits and its impressive representations will guide you through paths of fine, aromatic, awarded wine. You will learn about the vats and chemistry equipment, you will see up close the tools and tubes and you will become informed about the white Muscat variety, which reigns supreme over this land.

Traveling towards the south, you will soon come to the Monastery of Panagia Spiliani. It is said that this was the Cave of Pythagoras and that from here, the great mathematician operated a philosophical school.

For the conclusion of the excursion, there awaits the land which gave birth to Pythagoras and which took its name from him: Pythagoreio. At the third largest village of Samos, a vivid and beautifully maintained place, you will have enough time for exploration, walks and shopping.

samos shore excursions

Code: SAM - 02

Approx Duration: 4 hrs

Samos: Pythagoras Island / Culture, Scenery, Winery (SAM - 02), Half Day

Samos, with its 25 vineyards, the waterfalls and the wetlands, the seaside villages, the traditional pottery craft and the famed Samian wines welcomes you cordially.

The organized excursion, with your tour guide, starts from Vathy, the capital of the island. First stop is the Samos Wine Museum, to be introduced without delay to the tradition, procedure and artistry of the local wine production processes. You will learn about the vats and chemistry equipment, you will see up close the tools and tubes and you will become informed about the white Muscat variety, which reigns supreme over this land.

At the Museum’s shop you can pick up supplies of these cultured souvenirs. Next stop of this excursion, after you navigate an amazing, verdant route, is the seaside village of Kokkari. It is one of the most touristically developed villages of Samos and its picturesque qualities are flowing through its alleyways and houses, its little port and enviable beaches. Here you will have the free time to stroll around and search out interesting shops and places.

samos shore excursions

Code: SAM - 04

Approx Duration: 4 hrs

Samos 4 x 4 Adventure (SAM - 04), Half day

Get acquainted with the verdant island of Sámos with this exciting four-wheel-drive experience, which includes a visit to a beautiful beach for a chance to swim and sunbathe.

At the pier, you will climb into your Suzuki-type four-wheel-drive vehicle to begin your island exploration. The manual-transmission jeep is self-driven, with either you or your travel companion taking the wheel. Your guide will be in a lead vehicle, ensuring that you see the best of Samos without having to navigate its roads on your own.

Your route takes you northeast, to the part of Sámos considered to be the most interesting and beautiful. Making your way around the Bay of Vathi, venture through the pine-forested region of Malagari before passing the picturesque fishing village of Kokkari. Nearby is Lemonakia, one of the most dazzling coves on Samos.

The road next leads to a forest of plane trees and the lovely Valley of the Nightingales. Named for the nightingales that can often be heard singing high up in trees that line the river, the valley is a favorite spot for humans too, as it offers a cool oasis on hot summer days.

Following a brief stop to admire the view, enjoy the 30-minute drive to Potami beach, a breathtaking stretch of white pebbles and sand. You will have the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear waters and relax in the sun.