Curium, The Wine Village of Omodos and Limassol

Curium, The Wine Village of Omodos and Limassol


Our day begins at the wonderful archaeological site of Curium, west of Limassol.

It is among the most important sites of antiquity on the island and sits on a high point majestically overlooking the Mediterranean.

Curium or Kourion was an ancient city-kingdom founded by the Greeks in the 14th Century BC.

We visit the Greco-Roman amphitheatre and the House of Eustolios, originally a private villa but later opened to the masses with its complex of baths and rooms with beautiful mosaic floors.

The amphitheatre has been restored and is often used for musical and theatrical performances as well as being a major tourist attraction.

After exploring this splendid and evocative location we continue on our way, to the vineyard area of Limassol. Our destination is Omodos, one of the most traditional and beautiful villages on the island.

After lunch we visit the Monastery of the Holy Cross and the medieval wine press. We’ll enjoy a little wine tasting in one of the villager’s cellars before heading back through colourful Limassol town to the port where our ship awaits.